If you are into traveling, adventure, hiking, camping or backpacking then you understand the importance of thrill and the relationship it has with health. Keep your health in shape with the best backpacking camping water filter on the block. You need to have an adventure, and adventures demand good health and strong control over the uncontrollable to maximize your thrill.

Everyone likes a good trip of course. But no one should have to get sick. The best backpacking camping water filter can keep you healthy on the go and without a doubt. If you want such security then keep reading to find out the kind of threats that you can face on your journey to a happier you and the solutions you have to improve it.

Minimize and counter the odds with the best backpacking camping water filter, as you climb, camp, hike or trek. All can be well in the jungle and in the mountains with a good support system to keep your gut safe and hydrated.

You can keep healthy with even river water and streams if you have a purifier on hand. Some purifiers come with batteries. These are just perfect to carry on with. Ideally, you can take spare batteries but for a week’s trip the batteries should not run out. Focus on having more fun and less about the chores with these while you are away from home. It is time to relax after all. Without any further suspense, let’s just dive right into it.

Frigidaire WF2CB Ice & Water Filtration System

Whether you are a first-time traveler, or you live camping the Frigidaire WF2CB ice and water filtration system is a really cool way to improve your experience with camping.


This water filter is certified to be pollutant-free. It offers you to convert any water into safe water. You can remove a lot of issues from your water and avoid various types of illnesses while on the camp tour. This can work on the taste, color, odor and the contaminants of the water you are about to use. You can also use it at home after or before your trip. The filter is able to filter out about 99% of contaminated substances and microorganisms. For example, it eliminates Chlorine flavor, slime & smell, Particulates Class I, cysts, lumps, lead, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, fungus, insecticides, BPA, and dead sea waste. You can simple Slide & Click Easy Install to start using the filter for the first time and from the next, you will not need to remember how to do it because it is that simple. This one has been tested under the NSF 42 and 53 and then certified to be fit for purification. Just be sure to buy it from an authentic seller. The NSF International tests against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 in PureSource 2 NGFC 2000 is a great factor why you should choose this. Do you know that only 1 out of 6 water bottles are recycled in America, and it takes an approximate of 450 years for them to break down? So why promote plastic? Besides this one filter is better than carrying cartons of water for days of survival. Frigidaire WF2CB backpack & Camping Water Filter Reviews

  • Great for camping
  • Can be used at the home later
  • Does not come in many colors

It is light in weight and gives good capacity. This means it is ideal for touring again and again safely and happily.

EveryDrop by Whirlpool Camping and Backpacking Water Filter

EveryDrop is a great premium compact filter to have in your home or at the camping site.


It is compatible with the big branded fridges and can be used on its own too. It has been declared fit for your use with options by Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, and JennAir brands. The brand has a certification that says it removes 99% of lead, among 28 other contaminants like pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne parasites. This holds the NSF 401, 53 and 42 certifications. You can have pure, smell free and health water anywhere with this one. In each use, you get the capacity for 1500 water bottles. Then you will have to swap out the filter. Imagine having to carry these many bottles to your camp in your camping backpack, not possible right? The filter has to be replaced every six months of continued usage in order to maximize contaminant reduction. No matter where you are it’s easy to have sediment, lead, asbestos, and industrial chemicals in your water. Each filter gives you 200 gallons of filtered water. EveryDrop by Whirlpool Camping and Backpacking Water Filter Reviews

  • Huge capacity and small size
  • Great for camping and drinking sweet water while there
  • Does not come with a travel adapter

This is ideal because it is small but has a large capacity.

Waterdrop UKF8001 NSF 53&42 Certified

Another great filter tank for your holiday destination and camping adventure can be the Waterdrop UKF8001 NSF 53 and 42. These are certified and amazing for out of home usage.


This is an NSF 53 certified backpack filter. It targets health-related contaminants for pure water. This can cut on 99.6% of Lead, 99.99% of Cysts, 96.6% of Benzene, 98.4% of Carbofuran, 96.6% of Endrin. It comes with an easy to use installation guide.

According to the NSF 42, it is certified to: cut on about 97% of Chlorine, in terms of its steel-like the taste and a stagnant moldy odor that doesn’t burn your taste buds or makes you sick. This is also NSF 372 Certified and thus made of lead-free material that helps in reducing the lead contamination in the water.

The filter has been made with revived Activated Coconut Carbon Filter to support nature.

In about 6 months you can use it regularly without changing your filters. After using 300 gallons of purified water you can replace it. That too is easy and simple.

Frigidaire WF2CB Ice & Water Filtration System Reviews

  • Replacing filters is easy and simple.
  • Large capacity
  • Does not come in a pitcher form

This is spill-resistant. It allows for a design that is easy to use without any mess. There will be no water leaks on this one.

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

General Electric is a reliable brand. You should try your basic needs with trustworthy companies only.

This is why the General electric RPWFE is an extraordinary water filter for daily and camping use. It also works great with any refrigerator and french-door refrigerators.

The filtration has been tested and tried to filter five different kinds of trace pharmaceuticals. It will give you good water pressure as well.  You can trust it to cut on chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select pharmaceuticals, and 50 other contaminants.

You will not need to replace it anytime soon but after six months or more you should totally replace the filters. That will require no additional tools. Everything is included in the kit.

You will get about six months of 300 gallons of water. Then you will need to change the filter only, the system can stay for decades.

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews

  • You can totally ignore the indicator and keep the filter for longer than six months.
  • The filter is made to last long
  • Does not include an RO system

The General electric RPWFE is spill and leakage guarded. It gives you a quality design that is simple to use and carry with you on a trip.

Kenmore LG Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

You can also take a fridge compatible filter to a camp in the shape of the Kenmore LG replacement Refrigerator Water filter.


The Kenmore LG replacement Refrigerator Water filter has been tested under different standards. This covers the thresholds for many NSF quality tests. It includes the NSF-42 certification for the filters. Anyone and their loved ones can have a toxin-free life with sweet and soft water, free of pollutants and illnesses such as through chlorine and lead.

These filters can make the water delicious. It can help you stay more hydrated during travel and at home. The Kenmore LG replacement Refrigerator Water filter works on for smell reduction, chlorine curtailment, and various toxin removal so that you could enjoy healthy and yummy tasting water on special days, without losing beneficial minerals.

These filter cartridges are proven and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42. These prove the quality of materials and structural integrity.

It has a carbon block that is made of pure coconut shells to absorb pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, reducing halogens from water.

It also works on heavy metals, THms, and unwanted flushed pharmaceuticals.

It’s completely food-grade and BPA free.

Read Kenmore LG Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews

  • Toxin-free make
  • Toxin reduction and taste improvement facility
  • Comes in good packaging to keep it compact, clean and ready to use when needed
  • Can be fake, beware of the right ones and the fake ones circulating in the market

The Kenmore LG replacement Refrigerator Water filter is a great tool for the outdoors. Use it to save up on water bottles and reduce plastic consumption among other benefits.

Final Verdict on the best backpacking camping water filter

The camping companion or the ideal backpacking water filter for camping can be the Frigidaire WF2CB ice and water filtration system.

It allows you to have ice and chilled water. The ice can be used for medicinal purposes at the camp as well. Whereas the water can be used in hot and humid camping nights. This can be a lifesaver both functionally and due the ease of use and comfort level too.

However, every person should engage with the best possible solution for their lifestyle or preferences. In other words, the best backpacking camping water filter for us has to be the Frigidaire WF2CB ice and water filtration system. For you, it could be any other that fits your needs well. For that, we have devised a perfect buying guide for you.

This will answer all your queries and concerns in a logical manner. You will then know what to buy and what not to for the ideal adventure companion in terms of water filters.

Buying Guide

You should consider four elements or characteristics of a camping solution to your clean water needs. These are Portability, Coverage, Volume, and Repute.


You should make sure that the filter you are buying has an ideal weight, size and is compact enough to be placed in a backpack. Extra baggage in your backpack can become a problem during your adventures. Nobody wants extra dead-weight while trekking, hiking or camping after all. Choose portable options!


Anyone who is interested n buying a water filter understands that the water found around the globe is not clean and fit for drinking in its natural or basic state. It has to be purified. Especially during travel and on the camps the water can be a nuisance.

It can cause water-based poisoning, infections and even a loose stomach. And you do not want any of this. So, in order to be safe from all these risks buy a filter that allows RO and carbon filtration to cover the maximum number of contaminants and purifies the water from the most risk.


If you are going on the trip for a few days you will not want to spend a lot of time doing random things that are not fun. These include fetching water and purifying it. While it is a valuable part of your experience like hunting or getting food ready, it can take up a lot of time with the wrong filter. If the water source is away from your base camp then too it will waste a lot of your time to go for refills.

This is why it is ideal for you to invest in a filtration system that works for your needs and is suitable for cleaning a good amount of water in a short amount of time. You should also consider that you will have companions on the trip. They might indulge in your water as well. So you should get a heavy duty water filter with you on the trip that lasts for everyone and does not run out randomly in between refills.

Repute and the Brand

You can not take a random filter with you on the camping trip. You will be away from your home. There can be serious health fallback if you do not make the right choice. You should thus, invest in the right filter from a reputable brand. This minimizes the chances of the trip ending up in a debacle because someone got poisoning from the water or the unreliability of the filter.