Access to safe, chemical-free, clean drinking water is essential to a healthy life. A water filter pitcher is the best and relatively inexpensive home appliance that provides safe drinking water for your complete family.

Pitcher filters also known as pour-through filters, are plastic pitchers that filter tap water through a replaceable charcoal filter located under a reservoir. Right after you have poured tap water inside the pitcher jug, gravity forces the water in the reservoir through the filter. The activated charcoal filter capture impurities and contaminants from the water, making it safe for your health.

best brita water filter pitchers

Investing in a water filter pitcher is an ideal and cheapest option to feed clean-drinking water to your family.

Brita Water Filter Pitchers

Right now, Brita Water Filter Pitchers are very much in demand. BRITA is among the top leading experts in the field of water optimization. With up to 90% positive customer ratings and best water filtration appliances, there’s been a tremendous increase in the sales of Brita water filter pitchers.

There are a lot of Brita water filter pitchers out there. How do you choose? Well, they all turn tap water into healthier great tasting water, with none of the cost and waste of bottles – that’s good for all of us and the planet. Pitchers are available in different sizes, come with different features like basic pitchers have simple stickers on them that remind you when to change the charcoal filter while the full-featured models have electronic indicators, and come in different colors.

With different products lying on the store shelves, making a purchase decision for customers has become more complexed. Which product to purchase and which not, is the only confusion in every consumer’s mind!

But now you don’t need to worry as in this post we are going to discuss the best Brita Water Filter Pitchers, their uses, and special features.

1). Brita 10060258362050 Large 10 Cup Everyday

The Brita Large Cup as the name suggests is Brita’s largest basic pitcher, with a storage capacity for 10 cups of water. The pitcher is equipped with advanced filter technology that removes copper, mercury, cadmium impurities, and cuts down chlorine to deliver great tasting, healthy water for your family.

The flip top easy removable lid makes refilling a breeze, the soft-grip handle allows easy handling of the jug, the classic oval design makes the pitcher fit easily into most refrigerator doors, while the sticker filter indicator on the top surface lets you know when its time to change the replacement filter. The Brita filters need to be changed every 40 gallons, or every two months for optimal performance. For more information read the full review.

2). Brita Large 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser and Filter

Brita’s UltraMax Water Dispenser comes with a huge water capacity of 18 cups or 1.13 gallons. The large 18-cup BPA free capacity tank makes is suitable for big households, and office uses. The unit is equipped with advanced activated pitcher filters that are capable of reducing impurities from water including zinc, chloride, copper, mercury, and cadmium, thus giving you a healthier, great-tasting water in every glass.

Despite being huge in terms of capacity, the Brita UltraMax can be neatly stored in a refrigerator, and thanks to its easy pour spigot which means even little hand can pour filtered water with ease! The flip-top lid makes refilling a breeze while the filter replacement indicator sticker helps you determine when its time to replace the filters. Each filter has 40-gallon or two-months life. For more information read the full review.

3). Brita Small 5 Cup Metro Water Pitcher

The Brita 5 Cup Metro is a small water pitcher with a tank capacity of 5 cups. The unique design and shape of this pitcher make it suitable to fit in narrow, tight places of refrigerators. This space-efficient pitcher uses advanced water filters that completely cuts down chlorine from the water and remove other impurities such as copper, mercury, and cadmium.

Made from BPA-free clear plastic, the Brita Metro Pitcher comes with an electronic filter indicator which automatically notifies the consumer when it is time to replace the filter. The indicator normally blinks light after every 30-40 gallons or approximately every two months.

The flip-top lid makes refilling easy-peasy. Simply pour tap water inside the tank, let the advanced filter remove impurities from the water, and enjoy the sweet, healthy, and safe water. For more information read the full review.

4). Brita Large 10 Cup Grand Water Pitcher 

This BPA-free clear plastic pitcher comes with a large tank capacity of 10 cups. The unit is elegantly designed and comes with a soft-grip handle which makes handling easy and comfortable. The Brita Large 10 Cup is equipped with special Brita pitcher filters that remove all harmful impurities from the water and make it totally safe for drinking.

Brita has added a unique touch to this Large Water Pitcher by installing an electronic filter indicator on the top, which easily lets you know when its time to change the replacement filters. The flip-top lid makes refilling a breeze without any need to disassemble the whole unit.

The Brita Large 10 Cup Grand Water Pitcher can be easily stored in refrigerators, and the replacement filter has a lifespan of 40 gallons or two months, after which it needs to be replaced for optimal performance. For more information read the full review.

5). Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher, Blue, 6 Cup

Brita Atlantis comes with a space saving 6-cup water filtration unit and one advanced filter. The unit is specially designed to offer easy storage, and the comfort grip handle allows easy handling and pouring.

The Atlantis has a special BPA-free filter that reduces chlorine taste, and remove impurities often found in tap water such as zinc, copper, and cadmium. Brita has done a great job by designing the dispenser in a streamlined oval shape, making it fit easily into most refrigerator doors. The refilling task is also super easy, simply flip open the lid and refill. There’s also a sticker filter indicator on top which notifies the consumer about filter replacements. Just like other Brita products, the filter of Atlantis needs to be replaced every 40 gallons or every 60 days. For more information read the full review.


If you don’t have a reverse osmosis system at your home or you live in a city that has contaminated tap water, Brita Water Filter Pitchers are the best options out there. While each of the Brita pitchers has different levels of certifications, all of them significantly reduce harmful impurities in the water and make it safe for drinking. By using any of these pitchers, you are not only enjoying the healthy water, but each Brita water filter also saves 300 standard 16-ounce plastic bottles from ending up in our landfills. Get great tasting water, less waste, and more savings from Brita Water Filter Pitchers!