The Culligan Undersink Filtration system is ideal for families and households with 4-5 people. It can provide ample water to be drunk and cooked with. You get to enjoy access to clean water with great ease through investment in this. Drinking water should be clean and odorless. If the taste is funky or there is the slightest of smelling its because it is contaminated. There could be bacteria and metals in it that should not be there.

Every family should get its share of clean and pure drinking water, but in the urban times, this is becoming a myth and a far fetched reality. This is why each household needs to invest in a filtration system. You can choose from various kinds of solutions such as whole house filters, faucet filters, under sink systems and water pitcher filters.

Afterall the greatest need to have a filtration system if to use clean and healthy water to drink and cook. Although it is better to shower with clean water free of toxins, cooking the most basic thing we do with water. For this an under sink system is perfect. You can just open the tap and it will pour out just as per normal routine without making you need to wait or stand there for the water to come out.


The dedicated tap will make it quick and easy. The filter will be on point because you are likely to require it in your kitchen space. You will get the most benefits for the most basic installation. You will not have to bore into the ground like it is true for pure water well and you do not need to rely on hard water that the industrially processed water is. You will get sweet drinking water which is safe for cooking and consumption through a tap.

The filter is easy to install, it will take less space and you can replace the filters your self. The filter cartridge is a quick swap that can be done without taking out the whole unit or shutting the valves closed for days. The variety of cartridges present in the filter help in clearing out a number of chemicals, and problems with water. The problems include color, stink, poor flavor, mercury, lead, fluorides and metals that should not be in there, chlorine, chloride, chloroform, and cysts or microorganisms.

This sounds disgusting because it is. We are given sick water in the name of a clean one so it is best that we take care of our families with this one.

The cartridges are an RC-EZ-4 filter cartridge, the Standard 42 and a Standard 53. These are tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI. Each cartridge has a different function. These include aesthetic reduction of contaminants leading to the poor taste, smell and color, these relate to the Nominal Particulate Class 1. Another function is the reduction of carcinogenic toxins and pollutants that can be found in tap water.

These cartridges give you the time of 6 months or more depending on your use before the need to swap them out for newer ones. In order to change these, you will not need a whole set of tools. Everything you will need comes with the unit. You can change it yourself in a few minutes not many. This filter is great for urban lives. It saves time. It also has an LED life indicator to make sure you keep it in good shape. The filter can become clogged if not replaced as life is towards the end. You do not need to keep diary scores fo when to change the filter either, it is hassle-free and says right on top of these.

Even the dedicated faucet is included with this system. You can simply install it in front of the new sink you want to build or an existing one. This is a smart way to drink cold, freshwater. There will be no need to boil the water and waste all its valuable minerals.

Created for comfort, this filter can be placed and restored in mere moments with the easy-twist around the device and built-in quick-connect attachments.

Any other competent way to clean or purify water such as a reverse osmosis (RO) system is very costly and wastes a ton of liquid. It gives about 1 ratio part of 3 of the water you use to clean it. This is not environmentally a good idea. And neither is it smart in terms of the utility bills you will get. Thus the Culligan under sink system is smart and functional for small families.

This works great on solids and visible impurities in the water. You will find no gunk, fungi or floaties and flakes in the water.  The sick impurities such as calcium, manganese or magnesium condensed particles can be removed easily. These will go away from the water making it actually transparent and clear.

Some of these may be harmless and they may come from the air we breathe but it is not an aesthetic thing to see in the water you are about to experience. This will give you sweet-tasting natural water that tastes like spring water or fresh clear running water. There is going to be no pressure concerns on this filter either. It provides good enough pressure and speed of the running tap with even the basic filters.

You can apply plumbing tape on all fittings to make them extra safe from leakages, This can help in improving the life of the system and the beauty of the area you apply it at. Be gentle through the application for the best results though.


  • Easy to install and replace
  • A clear, odor-free and safer water solution
  • No need to dig or compromise on pressure


  • Does not include a variety of filters but can be bought separately for more choice


Culligan Undersink Filtration system is unique and functional, undoubtedly the under the sink filtration is a great idea.